My journey while studying abroad in Iceland! Summer, 2023


During the Summer of 2023, I spent six weeks studying abroad in Iceland 🇮🇸.

I went on countless hikes of breathtaking landscapes ⛰️, learned about Iceland's renewable energy initiatives 🔋, and met 20 amazing people ❤️.

The trip was indescribable 🌟

Here are some of my favorite captured moments from the trip:

Iceland, raw

the good stuff

humans in nature

enjoying the world that's here


all things Iceland, and renewable

Items Iceland produces from previously wasted parts of fish. This table includes cosmetics, vitamins, snacks, and more
Learning about a renewable project in Akureyri which converts waste cooking oil into biodiesel

the most memorable adventures

bring a smile to my face

my cold plunge addiction

and, eventually, everyone's addiction

my flaming red skin after a sub 40 degree swim during a thunderstorm

funny moments

what made it special

Andy (our academic director) after a deep cleaning of the common space. If you were there, you know why I put this in 😅


just us

my favorite photo 😊

Thank you so much for viewing. Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I ever made; Right up there with joining cross-country in high school and starting music production during COVID.

Here's to many more adventures, and unforgettable days 🍷


Connor ❤️