Iron your sheets, please!

Or don't. It's not literal.

Iron your sheets, please!
Photo by Filip Mroz / Unsplash

There is something lovely about freshly ironed sheets in a hotel. They bring feelings of order and calm.

You can apply this to your life.

Regularly engaging in activities that center, relax, or bring joy is a great way to nurture happiness. Everyone has practices that practically guarantee a mood boost after completion. Practices like these will iron your sheets: straighten your head and create a better brain environment.

Here are my sheet ironing activities to help you brainstorm yours:

  • Running
  • Reading
  • Laughter with friends
  • A cold shower
  • Lifting heavy things
  • Dancing to my favorite music
  • Meditating
  • Sunlight in my eyes early in the morning
  • Time in nature

Ironing is most effective as a daily ritual. Daily ironing time can range from a 5-minute session to a full-day reset. Use it as needed and when you think you don't need it.