Mirage problems

Mirage problems
Photo by Mathieu Perrier / Unsplash

The heavyweight champion problem for Homo Sapiens: Survival.

And we have conquered it.

In the developed world, basic needs are now regularly met for millions. They don't have to worry about hunger, drinking water, and finding shelter tonight.

These were the only problems that consumed humans for 200,000 years. 

Staying alive has gone from priority #1 to an afterthought in a microscopic period.

Evolution takes thousands of years, but only in the last few decades have basic needs become irrelevant (for some).

We haven't had time to evolve.

We never developed an ability to be satisfied in life because it wasn't beneficial for surviving Earth's scarcity. 

Food, water, and shelter are all our primal mind knows. Nothing else deserves mental focus when basic needs aren't met.

But with modern technology, we've entered the first age of abundance without learning how to mentally survive it.

We are left wandering in our heads. Wanting more.

Creating mirage problems.

Finding the mirages

The most elegant way to reveal a mirage problem is by asking: Is this a problem?

You'll often realize it isn't really an issue. It's luxury in disguise.

Or maybe you won't. But then you'll be sure this one is worth taking seriously, such as health.

Here are some classic mirages I've found. Try to explain to yourself why these are mirages. Some are harder to crack than others.

Taxes. Traffic. Power outages. Bordem. Failing an exam. Flight delay. Weather.

Life becomes joyous and almost comical when you realize so much of modern struggle (in developed nations) is luxury. 

We live in the best time for human survival and well-being. 

It's often forgotten, but it only takes a grateful moment to remind.