Real wealth

Real wealth
Photo by Eric TERRADE / Unsplash

Wealth is the heart of modern society—specifically monetary wealth, which dominates our actions and fears.

If you describe someone as wealthy, you generally mean their bank account. But there are other forms of wealth besides money.

Real wealth

Experiences, family, food, pets, time, weather...

These are examples of real wealth: More abstract than money but brimming with incalculable emotion.

Uneaten fruits and vegetables will rot. Rainy days will replace sunny skies. Family and friends will pass on, leaving only memories in their wake.

Real wealth is perishable.

Why chase real wealth if it will soon disappear? That’s precisely why you should: It’s only here briefly.

We’re mortal

The regrets of people on their deathbeds often center around real wealth.

They bring up family members, opportunities they didn’t pursue, or time misspent.

They never wish they had worked longer hours for more money. In fact, they never mention money.

Their number one regret is often overworking.

Real wealth is exciting!

Embrace the finite nature of our most essential things, and you’ll reap their value.

Shift priority from acquiring money to banking experiences, health, and heavenly sunsets.

Catch it while you can.