The Xylophone Approach

The Xylophone Approach

Trying to absorb everything at once.

That’s the problem that often plagues my learning. I get excited and begin advanced topics before I’m ready.

Result: information overload + sporadic growth.

This “Rambo” Method works for simple things. But subjects like art, computer science, and history are so vast that a swan dive simply leads to drowning.

Consider the xylophones in the picture.

Which one looks more accessible? The left one only has 8 notes, perfect for learning the basics without intimidation. The right xylophone suits a master, but it’s too much for a beginner.

When children learn music, they don’t start with a Mozart sonata. They begin with Hot Cross Buns, build foundational knowledge, and unlock more challenging music over time.

The Xylophone Approach

can be applied to learn anything. Start small and shift the goalpost when you’re ready. After the fundamentals, you can advance with newfound confidence. Progress feels linear and encourages further growth.

If you find yourself overusing the “Rambo” Method, ask yourself:

Would this benefit from The Xylophone Approach?