The Dance

The Dance
Photo by Ardian Lumi / Unsplash
Complete control doesn't guarantee complete satisfaction.

The dance would be boring if you knew what you'd do next, what song was coming, or how everyone would react.

The dance is best lived between absolute agency and completely letting go.

In the dance, change is the only certainty. Betting too heavily into one song or groove makes us prone to boredom and frustration when song changes.

You can't control the music

When the song changes, you don't maintain course and cling to the previous track.

You establish a new groove. You control what you can: the dance.

Don't waste energy trying to control the music.Song changes are an opportunity to test some new moves. Or take a new direction.

The dance is life, and life happens in the dance. Not at the bar next to the dance floor, and certainly not in the bathroom after six flaming hot tacos and a gallon of gin.

In the dance, you're not trying to go anywhere or get anything. You're focused solely on the next step.

The dance began long before you arrived, and it'll continue long after you leave. Enjoy it.