the most valuable thing for happiness

the most valuable thing for happiness
Photo by John Mark Arnold / Unsplash

What is the most valuable thing for happiness?
Is it Family? Health? Time? Money?

Family and health are critical components, no doubt. Having enough time to maintain and improve these is vital as well.

Money: an excellent stress buffer. But optional. Plenty of happy people living with (nearly) nothing.

But attention is necessary, and it's rarely mentioned.

Attention triumphs

What's the value of family if you're not present around them?
Of health if you don't appreciate it?
Of time if you spend it distracted?

Attention makes everything valuable.

Smartphones are our biggest attention thief. Engineers design them to hijack your brain. They focus on increasing engagement rather than boosting happiness.

We carry our phones everywhere, causing a chronic decrease in attention.

Think about this:

What's the value of [insert any action] if I'm checking my phone?